Remote Learning

Remote Learning at St Paul's Academy

The information below provides an overview of the Remote Learning Provision at St Paul’s Academy. If you require further details, please refer to the Remote Learning Policy in the Policies section of this website.

When remote learning is required, remote lessons will be provided to all students each day via Google Classroom. Every student has been provided with their personal log on details for Google Classroom which can be found on page 3 of their School Planner.

Google Classroom can be accessed using the link at the top of the school’s Homepage. If a student experiences any difficulties with accessing their Google Classroom account, this should be raised with their Form Tutor.

How remote lessons are organised each day:

Students will be provided with remote lessons as per their usual school timetable each day. These lessons will be available by 8:45am each morning. This will enable students to organise their day and lessons accordingly.

We recommend that students get up in the morning at their usual time, have breakfast and are ready to attend their online Form Time session at 8.20am and begin their lessons at 8.55am.

Students should take their usual lunch break between 12.00 and 12.55pm.

Students will be required to submit work each day for some or all of their lessons. Their subject teachers will provide the details of what is required to be submitted each day via Google Classroom. Students should not spend longer on a single lesson than what they would if they were at school.

Students are able to contact their Form Tutor and subject teachers directly using the Private Comment function on Google Classroom.​

If any student experiences issues with their remote lessons or access to technology, their Form Tutor or Head of Year should be informed as soon as possible.

Students will be able to submit their completed work through Google Classroom as well as communicate with their teachers, Form Tutor and Head of Year via the Private Comments function.

The completion time for daily remote lessons is 4pm. By this time each day students are expected to have provided evidence of their engagement with their lessons. The 4pm deadline is provided to create an expectation that the work is completed within the normal timings of a school day and avoid students working into the evening or late at night. However, we are aware that many of our students are sharing devices and have limited or sporadic access to technology and therefore some students will not be able to complete the work before 4pm. Submission past this time will not reflect negatively upon your child's engagement with their remote learning.

What will remote lessons consist of?

Remote lessons will follow the same curriculum as what would be taught if students were at school. The sequence of units of study and topics, as well as how they are taught, may have been adapted, to suit remote learning to ensure the most appropriate access to and learning experience of the subject content, knowledge or skills being developed.

Remote lessons may consist of one or more of the following:

  • video lessons (for examples those available from The Oak National Academy, The Greenshaw Trust or BBC Bitesize)
  • short PowerPoint presentations
  • reading tasks
  • active parts of PE lessons
  • suitable videos, written tasks
  • online quizzes
  • feedback from teachers and improvement tasks.

Assessment & Feedback during Remote Learning:

Assessment during period of remote learning may take many forms, for example;

  • completion of written tasks
  • automatically marked quizzes completed on a digital platform
  • completion of questions
    Feedback will be provided to students to support them with their progress. This may take the form of whole class feedback, individual comments via messages in Google Classroom or recorded videos. Students should expect to receive feedback at similar timeframes to what they would normally experience at school.

Additional support with students with additional needs

Teachers will provide remote lessons that take into consideration students with additional needs to limit the support required from adults at home. The SEND team at St Paul’s Academy are also providing support to students on a daily basis.

If a student has a designated Key Worker, they will be in regular contact with them and their family.

How we will keep you updated with your child’s engagement with remote learning

A weekly report from Behaviour Watch will be sent to parents, carers and families that will provide an overview of each student’s engagement with their remote learning in each subject. Teachers will also provide details with regards to the level of engagement and quality of work in relation to their expectations of their individual students.

If necessary, a student’s Form Tutor, Subject Teacher or Head of Year may make direct contact with families to discuss their well-being as well as engagement with remote learning.

Managing the challenges

We are aware of the challenges that some families are experiencing with managing home learning, working from home and the additional difficulties that the current pandemic creates. Please ensure any concerns are raised with key members of staff so opportunities for support and advice can be explored.

Useful links to support with Remote Learning

Click here to access the Student Guide for Google Classrooms

The Oak National Academy

The Oak National Academy is a Department for Education endorsed platform that provides almost 10,000 free lessons and resources across a broad range of subjects. Their website provides advice and support for parents and students to help deliver and manage remote learning.

You can access The Oak National Acdemy website here:

BBC Bitesize and programmes

​BBC Bitesize also provide lessons and tasks to keep students actively engaged with their learning. You can access the BBC Bitesize website here for more information:​

From Monday 11th January the BBC will also be providing programmes to support with remote learning. Information about these programmes can be found here:

Keeping Active

It is so important to balance remote learning with other activities throughout the day including physical activities. Keeping active during lockdown is crucial for everyone's mental and physical well-being. To support you and your family with this, you can access Joe Wicks' PE Lessons which will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from Monday 11th January. These 20 minute sessions are suitable for all abilities and require no specialist equipment. You can access Joe Wicks' Youtube Channel (The Body Coach) using the following link:

Accessing Google Classroom on XBox and Playstation Consoles​

VIDEO - Student guide to Google Classroom

VIDEO - Completing assignments

WEB PAGE - Google education support- Turn in an assignment with options --> Computer / Android / iPhone & iPad

VIDEO - Use your phone to turn in your Google Classroom homework

VIDEO - How to submit work on Google Classroom using a laptop or computer.