Parents & Carers

We aim to offer the best possible education to young people, not only through the taught curriculum but also through the positive and supportive atmosphere of the school.

Here at St Paul’s, we aim to ensure that the needs of all students are catered for. We pride ourselves on the safe and inclusive environment that we provide for our students. Our commitment to a rich curriculum with high standards and expectations is underpinned by having exceptional resources and leaders who know how to secure outstanding teaching, learning and discipline.

Our vision for the next five years is expressed in our Mission statement and elements of that new vision for St Paul’s was recognised in the recent inspection:

Leaders have an ambitious vision for the school (Ofsted 2023)

Pupils have many opportunity to develop their gifts and their talents (Ofsted 2023) 

Pupils feel part of a caring school community (Ofsted 2023)

Teachers encourage pupils to understand and respect differences (Ofsted 2023)

Leaders have ensured that there is a positive culture of safeguarding (Ofsted 2023)

Leaders and Staff support pupils well with their Post GCSE examination choices through a comprehensive careers programme. (Ofsted 2023)

Pupils with SEND gain confidence and thrive (Ofsted 2023)